Hexgrid: 0205
Starport Quality: B
Bases: Naval, Research
Size: 11,200km
Surface Gravity: 0.9
Atmosphere: Very Thin
Pressure: 0.1 to 0.42
Temperature: Temperate 0˚–30˚
Hydrographic Percentage: 56%–65%
Population: None
Technology Level: 10
Trade Codes: Barren

Although the Pheonix has a habitable world the Dominion bans all visits to the surface of the planet, except with prior consent. Not much is widely known about what is on the surface though there are a number of rumours, including:

  • There are previously undiscovered elements on the planet, which the Dominion is trying to harvest for a new fuel
  • There are remnants of the civilization that created the Vector Gates on the planet surface and the Dominion is attempting to learn more about them
  • The Dominion uses it as a testing and research facility for new ship and weapon designs
  • The planet houses those being prepared for merging with the previous Emperors

Whatever the reason the starport is in orbit around the systems star, opposite to the planet. The planet is a no fly zone, enforced by Dominion ships.


Vector Approach Leftshoe22 Leftshoe22