The year is 1506 S.D., humanity has spread throughout the stars of the Milky Way galaxy. Travel throughout the galaxy has been through the use of Jumpdrives and Vector Gates. Jumpdrives are a human invention designed to move a spaceship up to a set distance through a ‘jump’ that takes one week. Each Jumpdrive is able to transport a ship a maximum range, but all jumps take one week.
The other form of travel is through Vector Gates, these gates were discovered by humanity and allow instantaneous transport from one location to another, though the locations are fixed. Human scientists have been unable to recreate the gate technology and as such they are limited to the pre-existing gates.
Alien races have been discovered throughout the galaxy as well, in addition to the different alien races there are a number of different human factions and as any communication between systems takes a minimum of one week and often longer, most systems act quite autonomously of any over-ruling government, though almost all claim allegiance to one or the other, if only for protection.

Vector Approach

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